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At Parchitello Alta luxury is sustainable. All the planning, constructive and plant choices contribute to the best energy efficiency, certified by class A+ qualification.

The employment of dry building systems, of radiant floor heating, the use of solar thermal energy and photovoltaic systems (private or owned by the whole block of flats) allow a drastic fall in the energy consumption rates. In practical terms this will allow the future residents to lower the bill costs and the general block of flats expenses. 

We are aware that these choices will increase the initial building costs, but the need to protect our mediterranean environment and the following savings for the residents are important priorities for all of us. These villas and and these flats are true organisms interacting with the environment with a reduced rate of CO2 emissions in the atmosphere and the removal of internal or external building maintenance.

These results have been reached also with the adoption of some new technologies, such as home automation and the use of optical fiber, that allow working from home too.

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