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about us: GIEM

GIEM Costruzioni GIEM group is different. Since 40 years ago, we have always taken a different approach. The difference is in the detail. Our goal is to introduce an enormous amount of thought into the creativity, design and detail of every development, as if we were going to live or work there ourselves. We spent a lot of time discussing how and where people are going to live or work in the future. We like to think that the imaginative work we do in our developments and their surroundings will play a big part in improving the quality of life of our customers. If we can achieve that, as well as creating great buildings that truly grace the landscape, then we will have succeeded in realising properties with an exceptional value for the next years.

Giuseppe Lacarra - Founding Partner
Nicola Lacarra - Engineer & Founding Partner
Annamaria Lacarra - Commercial Executive & Founding Partner


Le Logge
Residential development Lungomare Perotti, Bari (1975)

Italian Ministry for work Headquarters
Gramsci Square, Bari (1986)

Main Office and housing complex, Corso Trieste, Bari (1987)

Main Office and housing complex, Barletta, Bari (1988)

Main Office and housing complex, Monopoli, Bari (1989)

Nuova Marina Porto Verde

Villa Diana
Residential development, Via Barone Bari (1993)

Residential development, Lungomare Starita, Bari

Nuova Provincia
New district Treasury headquarters and State Archives, Bari (1991)

La Rinascente
Integrated mall, Taranto (1997)

Bari Max
Centro commerciale, Bari (2006)

Centro Commerciale Mongolfiera
Mall by Coop Molfetta, Bari (2008)

Parchitello Alta
Urban Resort, Bari (attualmente in costruzione)

Costa dei Trulli
Villagge, Polignano a Mare sea and golf resort (Ba) (start up phase)