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For its landscape and its weather

Long summers, mild winters and the background of the Apulian blue sky, with the blue of the Adriatic and Jonian sea, the red of the earth, the silvery green of the olive trees and the white of the ancient stone-walls.

For its wines and its food
Its wines and its olive oil highlight the flavours of a cuisine that an ancient wisdom and local products make of exceptional quality. Each village around Parchitello Alta offer a selection of excellent restaurants. Ask us a suggestion, we will be pleased to reserve for you the best restaurant for your taste.

For its authentic villages, ancient buildings and priceless cultural heritage
An experience of centuries has composed the stone in the shape of the Trulli, the Masserie (farms), the baroque buildings of Lecce and Martina, the Romanesque cathedral in Bari and other towns around, and the very white historic centers of Locorotondo and Ostuni.

For its strategic position in the Mediterranean
Parchitello Alta is a new, modern, resort closed to Bari, on the south coast of Puglia. Located almost exactly in the middle of Mediterranean Sea, Parchitello Alta is the best possible base for visits to, or from Croatia, Montenegro, Greece and Turkey. Parchitello Alta is enriched by green lawns, walking areas, several shopping areas around, an events center, a sporting club and an hotel. The resort is very close to downtown Bari, within 12 minutes by car to the middle of the ancient city.

For easy access
There are two International Airports, those of Bari and Brindisi, with a wide range of flights from all over Europe. See all the flights connections on

For the dynamic real estate and tourism market
Until now properties in Puglia are still less expensive than in other areas of Italy, the market is solid, competitive, fast-growing and it holds 12% of the Italian market. The rental investments in Puglia are increasing as tourism has risen 43% in 3 years and is still rising.

For the friendliness and hospitality of the local people
People are incredibly friendly and open, and are very welcoming towards the foreigners. Parchitello Alta lets you discover the south east end of Italy and experience the unique countryside between the Adriatic and the Ionic Seas. The countryside is rich in culture. The Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Normans, Habsburger and the Bourbons have all left their mark in the region. Puglia as the region of olive groves and old gnarled olive trees, an idyllic coastal region along the Adriatic and Ionic Seas with incredible excavated old cities and deserted mediaeval villages.

For its high quality of life
Apulian lifestyle is simple, vibrant, colourfull, sunny and tasty. A perfect balance between work and leisure, family and food. Apulians fully enjoy all the goodness of their lives and know when is a good time to take themselves off on a beach and relax, they know the fragrance of fresh foods, enjoyed with friends and family. It is very easy to learn these habits and have all the benefits of this way of life.

For its economy
Despite the world economy slowdown, Puglia signed recent progress in terms of innovation capacity and increasing awareness about innovation issues in regional policy-making, Puglia remains one of the most innovative European regions. Exports of manufactured goods grew by 18 per cent at current prices, more than both the national and the Southern regions' averages. Since 2008, Puglia's exports have increased faster than those of the other underdeveloped regions of the European Union, including the other regions of Southern Italy, partly owing to the better positioning on international markets expecially for food, biological agricolture, renowable energies, tourism and fashion clothes by large industrial firms. Puglia pay attention on enviroment expecially on natural sanctuaries and national parks as “Alta Murgia”, “Trulli” and “Murgia Salentina”.

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